Knight Templar
Holy Land Pilgrimage


Guidelines for Selection of Ministers

The following are the selection criteria used choosing ministers for the Knight Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage. Please consider these guidelines before inviting ministers to apply. Ministers who fall outside of these guidelines will rank lower in the process of selecting ministers from the pool of those nominated.

  • Having never traveled to Israel before.
  • Fully Ordained ministers (copy of Ordination Certificate or judicatory documentation must accompany the application). Youth coordinators, program directors, lay pastors, etc. rarely have ordination status.
  • Serving in full time ministry, currently. This means that they are employed by the church full time and it is their primary source of income.
  • Having served at least four years in full time ministry.
  • Having at least ten years of full time service before retirement.
  • Be of good physical health (if the idea of walking a brisk mile or more - uphill, non-stop, with steps - is a concern, this may not be the program from which this person would benefit).
  • Willing to travel with an ecumenical group of other ministers from many denominations and religious groups, male and female.
  • Willing to travel in a program sponsored by the Knights Templar, an appendant organization of Freemasonry.
  • Willing to travel without their spouse. This is non-negotiable.
  • Having the understanding that this is a strenuous educational and spiritual study seminar / historical & cultural immersion experience and not a vacation trip.
Emmett Mills, Jr.
Grand Encampment Chairman
Duane Kemerley
nights Templar Servant / Tour Host

David Snyder, Sr.
Knights Templar Servant / Tour Host